1) Is it possible to use COOLCASC on various sizes of ski helmets?
In general the covers can be used on a variety of sized helmets as the helmet covers are made from Lycra®, which will easily stretch over most helmets. However, there are some helmets with visors or others with large attachments for locating goggles that may make it difficult to fit the helmet covers.
2) Are there different sizes of helmet covers?
All Coolcasc helmet covers are one size fits all. They are made from Lycra®, which is very stretchy.
3) How should I fit my COOLCASC?
It´s easy on helmets with ‘hard ears’. You just have to slide the cover over the helmet and fit it to the helmet edges, the elastic around the edge of the cover will help to keep the cover in place. With regards to helmets with soft ear pads, you should make a small cut in the COOLCASC fabric, in the area next to the end of the ear pad and pass the webbing strap through the hole, ensuring that the helmet cover covers the entire earflap. This is not essential but can help the cover to fit better.
4) Is it possible to use COOLCASC on motorbike helmets?
The coolcasc range is designed to fit a large range of helmets; they should fit most ‘open-face’ style motorbike helmets.
5) Is it possible to use COOLCASC on bicycle helmets?
The current COOLCASC collections are designed for any helmet; being made out of Lycra® fabric, they stretch and adapt well and can be used on bike helmets. There is also a specific ‘cool bike’ collection, designed for optimal fit, in a range of different fun patterns and colours. Customised covers can also be made in this bike shape, these can be found under the "Groups" section of this website
6) Where can I buy COOLCASC in the UK?
You can buy COOLCASC from any of our official retailers. Find the style you like on our site and enter your postcode in the find a stockist search bar. Any queries ‘contact us’.
7) Can I have my own logo printed on the helmet covers?
COOLCAS® helmet covers are available in a range of colours which can then be customised further with your choice of text or logo and printed by silkscreen or digital printing. Go to the groups section on our website for more info.